In a dystopian future where a plastic duck has a shot at winning an election for the Supreme Leadership of Earth, the Cat PAC is here to remind you that nothing really matters so why don’t you play with this yarn instead.

At a one-night event featuring a mock election for leader of a new dystopian world, Meowtha co-created the Cat PAC, an organization of… possibly cats? Or crazy cat lady types who just love cats? Or people who were damaged by the nuclear fallout and now think they are cats? The nature of the founders of Cat PAC was deliberately left in question, but in any case, the goal of the Cat PAC was to encourage potential voters to embrace the apathy normally exhibited by the common housecat. Six giant boxes full of pillows and yarn balls, over 200 homemade cat memes, and one risky and theatrical duck-napping later, Cat PAC gained an impressive amount of support from the public, considering that they really had no platform aside from encouraging partygoers to donate all their money (false money distributed to each participant at the door upon entry) so that the cat-people could buy cool new toys and stuff. With this project, Meowtha and her collaborator poked fun at the current cultural moment of widespread cat-loving and used it to parallel observed real-life attitudes of political apathy.

Anyway, do you like cat memes? Here’s a small sampling of the literal hundreds of cat memes Meowtha created for this project: