At an old hotel in the Lake Tahoe area, ghosts are said to roam the halls, sometimes visiting terror upon unsuspecting hotel guests. Meowtha and a collaborator researched and re-imagined the story of one such rumored spirit, Molly Dexter, in the form of a Clue-inspired scavenger hunt. In creating this experience, Meowtha and her collaborator were interested in making a potential haunting seem less frightening and more fascinating by exploring the humanity of a misunderstood supernatural being.

To play the game, participants searched the hotel for artfully-presented clues, each of which provided another piece of Molly’s life story. Participants who completed the game before a certain time were invited to witness a one-time appearance of the ghost of Molly herself, played by an actor who appeared in elegant spectral regalia, offered sparkling apple cider to participants, and told the last piece of her story before floating away dramatically.