A unique blend of the functional, the educational, and the satirical, Greenwash Enterprises was the theatrical alter-ego of the Leave No Trace Department of an unnameable event production company based in Oakland, California, over the course of two immersive events in 2016. As director of Leave No Trace and Chief Environmental Officer (CEO) of Greenwash Enterprises, Meowtha designed party-specific greening initiatives to clean up trash, foment onsite recycling and composting of waste created by event staff, promote packing out of festival trash amongst participants, and teach party-goers about easy ways to be more sustainable in their day-to-day lives through immersive performance art. Greenwash Enterprises satirized corporate “greening” culture with the slogan “It IS easy being green!”, highlighting corporate America’s tendency to introduce initiatives that assuage consumer guilt over being complicit in the trashing of the earth by appearing to help the environment, but which fall short of actually creating significant positive change.

Greenwash antics have included, in addition to other shenanigans, auctioning off litter found on the ground at a party as part of a spoof charity gala, dumping trash cans on a tarp in the middle of a bustling hotel hallway and enlisting passersby to help sort it into trash and recycling, and filling a children’s swimming pool with small disposable items found on festival grounds to allow participants to take a not-so-refreshing dip and contemplate the sheer volume of garbage left behind at a small festival.

Photo Credit: Neil Girling