Palmistry? How’d you get into that?

Meowtha began reading palms when she was 12 years old, teaching herself through books and reading palms frequently, recording her observations, and noticing patterns and correlations. Over the years, she has combined several methodologies to develop her own process for teasing out essential truths about individuals by looking at the lines, shape, markings, and character of their hands. Meowtha looks at palmistry not as a method for telling fortunes or predicting the future, but rather as a vehicle for exploration of a client’s natural inclinations, tendencies, and personality traits that can lead to deep and healing discussions as well as subtle paradigm shifts.

Is palmistry real?

Meowtha isn’t sure that ANYTHING is real, but over the years she has used palmistry to help enough clients arrive at uncanny and sometimes cathartic revelations about their situations and selves that she is motivated to continue exploring the art as a vehicle for assisted self-discovery.

Meowtha is available for palm readings at parties and events. For rates, email her at