Immersive experience, or sparkling reality?

To me, immersive experience design is the art of extracting and displaying a more magical version of what’s already there. I specialize in highlighting aspects of consensus reality’s absurd shadow self and creating an environment for audiences to explore and reflect on those aspects.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Immersive narrative design: Creating fictional worlds where participants can play, with story-driven guardrails.
  • Immersive instructional design: Designing and implementing interactive experiences that encourage participants to think, learn, and consider new concepts.
  • Site-specific experience design: Using the existing environment to create magic.

Photo Credit: Neil Girling

Here are a few examples of my experience design work.

Co-creator, Narrative Designer – Clue: The Tale of Molly Dexter

Project Lead, Narrative Designer – Greenwash Enterprises

Performer – Knew Management

Narrative Designer – The LOGIC Foundation

Performer – Beigewater at the Oregon Global Eclipse Gathering

Project Lead, Narrative Designer – The Tomb of the Cursed Trash Can

Project Lead, Narrative Designer – MFRI

Project Lead, Narrative Designer – Pandora: The Waste Management Tree