Meowtha has a great passion for performance art of all kinds, but she holds a special love for creating theatrically-driven experiences that blur the lines between audience and performer. Meowtha has played many roles in the world of immersive theater, and her specialties include…

  • writing stories and creating fictional worlds for scavenger hunts and other narrative-based games
  • playing characters that roam and improvise and interact with guests at events
  • designing unique immersive experiences with the goal of building community, breaking the ice, encouraging critical thought and self-examination among participants, or simply transporting participants into a more bizarre and magical version of reality.

Photo Credit: Neil Girling

Here are some clickable boxes that will tell you more about Meowtha’s immersive experiences and performances:

Clue: The Tale of Molly Dexter

Greenwash Enterprises

Knew Management

The LOGIC Foundation

Beigewater at the Oregon Global Eclipse Gathering (2017)

The Tomb of the Cursed Trash Can

The Moopicarius Fecundus Research Institute

Pandora: The Waste Management Tree